My first Jupiter. I had to get up at 04.30 to get this. I couldn't get decent
focus with a barlow, so I had to resample at x2 in Registrax just to get a decent sized image.
Jupiter is overlayed on a highly overexposed image that shows 3 of the Jovian moons
- from left to right - Europa, Io and Ganymede.

Captured this one at 04:00. I got reasonable focus with a x2 barlow this time.

Jupiter just before midnight on June 26th 2007. Eyepiece projection gives a bigger image
but I think need to invest in a quality eyepiece as my current 10mm seems to lack detail.

Another try, this time with a 6mm eyepiece. I may be pushing the optics to far or else the seeing was very poor.

Jupiter and Moons from 6th July. From left to right - Ganymeade, Europa, Io and Callisto.

Jupiter, Great Red Spot and moons from 17th July.

Another one from the 17th. Ignore the colours and notice that Europa is emerging from its tranisit while its shadow remains on Jupiters face.

This is the first Jupiter from my new telescope, a Nexstar 130SLT.

Jupiter & moons. Europa is just beginning a transit across the face of Jupiter..

Jupiter, 4 moons and a star.

Jupiter, 4 moons and a star and Io's shadow.

A cropped portion of the above, resized x5, shows a strange effect. It looks like Io has taken a bite out of Jupiter!

Jupiter & moons.

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