This is my first image of Saturn. Pretty poor, not enough frames, but I was
more than happy with it at the time

My second image of Saturn. Even worse than the first! Still not enough frames and the colour! Ugh!

My third attempt and the first go with the new scope. Getting better

This is number 4. Still getting better

Number 5. Lots of detail here - Cassini division, shadow on ring, hint of planetary banding.

Number 6. An attempt at a bigger image via resampling.

Number 7. My first attempt at eyepiece projection. I used a 10mm eyepiece for this one.

After posting the above image on The Stargazers Lounge forum a member, Cloudwatcher, suspected I had caught the shadow of one of Saturns
lesser moons on the ring. He enhanced the image and lead an investigation which resulted in Steve Dodder of the Stone Haven Observatory
(Astroman on the SGL forum) confirming that I had caught the shadow of the moon Janus! Here are the enhanced images.

My first Saturn in ages. I just could't get much colour in this one. Note how much the rings have closed.

Taken at 06:30 in the morning after a night shift!.

Taken at 04:00 in the morning!.

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